About Employment Exchange

Indian Small and Medium Enterprises and other enterprises are putting efforts for the growth of Indian Economy. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the growth engines of Indian Economy and play a very crucial role in generating employment in the nation. Most of the SMEs from manufacturing and services sectors are employing unskilled and unemployed people and are giving necessary training, education and work experience and transforming them into skilled labour. However, SMEs find it difficult to retain them.

SME Chamber of India has observed that most the SMEs and entrepreneurs face considerable difficulties in finding and attracting skilled manpower especially technically qualified for specific requirements.

Employment Exchange for Indian SMEs is a unique initiative by SME Chamber of India and Associate Organizations, to help SMEs and other companies get the skilled manpower on board, train & educate them on necessary skills so that SMEs can enhance their productivity with better quality and better services. The Employment Exchange thoroughly evaluates the business and the business requirements of SMEs and then hires the right manpower to suit the requirement of the SMEs. The Employment Exchange trains the manpower to equip them with necessary skills, ensuring success in the SMEs.

Having right people for the right job will definitely help SMEs unlock their growth potential as a whole, help them succeed and innovate in the long run.

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